Our Story

Hair Assured aims to boost women’s confidence by enabling the expression of beauty, creativity, and identity through hair extensions and wigs.

We are a premium brand that specialises in high quality, raw virgin human hair extensions and wigs. By providing a wide range of hair textures, and wig styles, our clients can change their appearance to suit any occasion. Our wigs are handmade with love, care, and attention to detail, using only the finest quality hair. A worthy investment that will protect your natural hair, and save you time, money, and edges!

Founder’s Story

I remember buying my first “Brazilian” hair extensions from a shop in Harlesden, London. I remember it cost me a fortune, but I had saved up and was ready to upgrade from the Premium Now hair I was previously accustomed to. Within 1 week of wearing the hair, I realised that it wasn’t all that it was hyped up to be. The hair was shedding excessively, and wash day turned the hair into a tangled mess. Hundreds of pounds down the drain, just like that.

After years of struggling to get good quality hair, I began sourcing my own in 2011. The compliments kept on coming, and so did the requests from friends and family to help them get the same hair. When they would get their hair installed (before wigs became a thing), their hairdressers would rave about how amazing the hair quality was. Becoming a mother made it incredibly challenging to get to the hairdressers, and constantly braiding my natural hair was ruining my hair line. I made the leap to wearing (closure) wigs, as a protective style, and a quick and hassle-free way to maintain my appearance without having to compromise my baby’s routine.

Exceptional feedback; the money I saved from not going to the hairdressers regularly; the fact that the hair lasted years and years; wash day was a breeze with no tangling; growing back my edges and natural hair (from a previously relaxed state); and having the flexibility to change hairstyles frequently; motivated me to start the brand Hair Assured. – Nabila Raji, Founder and CEO

Hair Assured Quality

We work with our suppliers to source hair from donors around the world. The hair has not been processed with chemicals and has undergone quality control measures to ensure that only the best hair is selected. Quality means that our hair is soft, tangle-free, takes well to colouring and bleaching, and can be styled effortlessly.

Our hair is very low maintenance, so does not need to be styled daily, and does not need to be washed and conditioned every week for it to maintain its appearance and lustre.

Our hair is either sold as hair extensions or turned into wigs. Our wigs are handmade and can be tailored (style, length, and colour) to meet the client’s specific requirements. We also offer handmade braided wigs.

These wigs are made using synthetic hair and provide an affordable alternative to human hair wigs.



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