Head Measurement Guide

It is important to provide your head measurements, especially when deciding on a frontal wig. We have provided a guide which illustrates the head measurements you should take and how they translate to the wig sizes.

  1. Use a clothing measuring tape and use the inches measurement.
  2. Measure your head with your hair in the style it would be under your wig (e.g. cainrow etc)

Circumference (inches)

Small (Wig Cap Size) 20-21 inches
Medium (Wig Cap Size) 21.5-22.5 inches
Large (Wig Cap Size) 23-24 inches

Front to Back/Nape (inches)

Small (Wig Cap Size) 13-13.5 inches
Medium (Wig Cap Size) 14-14.5 inches
Large (Wig Cap Size) 15-15.5 inche

Side to Side across forehead (inches)

Small (Wig Cap Size) 11-11.5 inches
Medium (Wig Cap Size) 12-12.5 inches
Large (Wig Cap Size) 13 inches


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